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Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet Cutting Capabilities 

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As a contract manufacturer ANCA Manufacturing Solutions Thailand offers Waterjet cutting capabilities for more demanding cutting operations. Capable of cutting over 200mm steel, glass, stone, or wood, waterjets have the capability to cut nearly any material under the sun. Our 5 axes waterjet adds extra capabilities to allow us to cut bevels, tapers and more complex components.

Machine Specifications
LxWxH (Machine Cutting table) 2300 mm x 4200 mm x 2000 mm
Machine weight 2700 kg.
Maximum size of cutting materials 1500 mm x 3000 mm
Maximum Cutting Speed 25 m/min
Max cutting pressure 60,000 PSI (4150 Bar)
Inlet Cutting water supply Min 40 PSI (2.7Bar) Max 80 PSI (5.5Bar)
Max material thickness Max material thickness
Abrasive Rate (Garnet 80 Mesh) Max 55000 PSI use 0.34 kg./min (0.75Ib./min)
Electrical control box size 325 mm x 1450 mm x 800 mm
Chiller Motor 500 w / 2803 rpm
Compressor ZB38KQE-TFD-588 / Pressure 30 bar
Screen control size 400 mm x 675 mm x 172 mm
Axes 5-Axes Cutting Head

What to expect


Waterjet cutting uses a garnet (stone) combined with 60,000 PSI jet of water to cut through a large variety of parts. This is a relatively slow process but offers the advantage of a cleaner cut when compared to plasma and is more accurate. One additional benefit is that the edge is not hardened after extreme heat as seen from laser or waterjet. This makes CNC machining easier in the next operation.

When designing holes for waterjet cutting it is recommended not to have holes that are 50% smaller than the thickness of the sheet it is cut from. The thickness of the material can also affect the size of the hole. If you need support it's always best to give us a call or get in touch. 

Due to the nature of the waterjet it creates a nozzle with a diameter of approximately 1.5mm. This means that it will never make a sharp corner at 90 degrees and will always leave a radius of about .75mm. Please keep this in mind when designing and receiving components coming from a waterjet.

As waterjet uses a very powerful jet of water up to 60,000 PSI, it can still cause a tapered cut as it moves through a thicker piece of material (waterjet is narrow at the nozzle but wider as it exits the part) and this is more noticeable on thicker parts. Our waterjet has a 5 axes head which allows us to counteract this taper by programming the head to compensate for this taper to provide a more accurate part. 

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