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Tube Laser Cutting

When it comes to processing tubes, pipes, and structural steel, Anca Manufacturing has a solution to fit a range of fabrication needs.

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‚ÄčA tube laser is a type of laser cutting machine that is specifically designed to cut tubes, pipes, extrusions and other hollow cylindrical objects. Tube lasers are commonly used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, construction and manufacturing for applications such as machine frames, furniture, material handling, medical equipment  where precision and speed are critical for the production of high-quality components.

Our high-powered tube laser can cut through steel of sizes up to 150mm sections and up to 4mm thick. Tube laser combined with CNC machining and CNC tube bending can offer full turnkey tube manufacturing solutions.

What to expect

Our tube laser cutter offers several benefits over traditional cutting methods. Firstly, it is extremely precise and accurate, allowing for complex shapes and designs to be cut with ease. Secondly, it is a fast and efficient cutting method, which can significantly reduce production time and costs. Additionally, the laser cutting process produces minimal waste, making it an environmentally friendly option.

Our 4-axis laser can cut tubes and pipes from various angles, allowing for greater flexibility in design and production. The maximum thickness of the material that can be cut is 4mm, and we can cut tubes and pipes up to 150mm in size. Our machine can also handle raw materials up to 6m in length.

One of the key advantages of our tube laser cutter is its ability to cut tabs and slots for fitting parts together, eliminating the need for jigs and fixtures and allowing for accurate alignment. This feature can greatly reduce production time and costs.

Our tube laser cutter can cut various materials, including steel grades, aluminum, copper, and even wood, in various shapes such as square, round, and rectangular tubes and pipes.

In summary, our tube laser cutter is a high-tech and efficient cutting solution that can handle a variety of materials and shapes. With its precision and speed, it can help businesses improve their production processes and reduce costs while maintaining high-quality results.

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