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ANCA Manufacturing capabilities for folding include a wide range of options to meet various bending radius requirements. Our folding machines are equipped with CNC backstops and are fully programmable. With four different press brakes available, we can handle different tonnages and lengths.

Typically, the single greatest time and cost component of the sheet metal manufacturing process is the folding operation. We work with our customers to develop the most cost-effective production solution based on their requirements. Accommodating both low and high production volumes through adapting fully automated, or semi-automated processes.

Our folding capabilities cover a variety of metals, including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. We manufacture a wide range of products such as support panels, cabinets, enclosure doors, machine doors, various brackets, and structural components.


What to expect


For high precision, we utilize a high precision ball screw drive with a capacity of 160 tons and 3-meter lengths. Additionally, we have the Prema machine, which is a hybrid hydraulic press with a capacity of 140 tons and a length of 3 meters, offering medium to upper precision. The Denner machine, on the other hand, provides very high tonnage hydraulic folding with medium precision over a 3-meter length. For small precision parts, we have a small ball screw machine with a 1-meter length, ensuring high precision (tonnage to be confirmed)

Special tool designs are available to meet customer-specific requirements, enabling us to optimize manufacturing processes, reduce costs, and address any troubleshooting or rectification needs for parts that cannot be folded easily. We also focus on localizing material sizes by designing based on locally available materials that are equivalent to customer-specified materials.

To ensure quality control, we have in-house designed profile gauges that enable us to check complex geometries accurately. Furthermore, our capabilities include multi-part bending for small items and higher volumes, which helps reduce press time and ultimately leads to shorter lead times for our customers.



Type                                  Tonnage              Max  Length                    Thickness Range In Steel/Meter    
220T Hydraulic, CNC Controller Press Brake for more demanding applications 100 - 220 T 3200 mm 0.8 - 15 mm
High Precision Servo Electric Press Brake for the more accurate applications 80-110 T 1500-3200 mm 0.5 - 6 mm
A 2 meter CNC roll bending machine capable of long sweeping curves and as small as 60mm radius      

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